Monday, May 15, 2006

My take on the idea that conservatives need a new party

Wrong way to go. It's all about the information flow. Here is an e-mail I sent to Mark Tapscott:

If you want to get conservative measures through Congress, you have to take on the liberal domination of the MSM and cut it down to size. A new party won't do it.

As I have pointed out before, the MSM is far more powerful and effective in shaping opinion in non-election years. Their power diminishes when campaigns kick in because: a) the GOP starts putting out the alternative message, and b) voters, bloggers, etc. are more tuned in to the spin. But campaigns take only a few months every 2 and 4 years. The rest of the time, the MSM reigns supreme and dominates the information flow. That absolute domination of the information flow is the ultimate determinant of what gets done in DC. If you want to change what happens in DC, change what information the public gets. Because believe it or not, politicians do listen to their constituents.

Expecting GOP politicians with a rather small working majority to withstand the constant assault of the MSM is extremely unrealistic. Any group of politicians (no matter the party label) who oppose the liberal consensus of the MSM will behave the same way. If those calling for a new party actually managed the herculean effort and defied the odds to create a new opposition party to the Democrats, they will find themselves in the same position soon enough. You just cannot expect politicians to tilt constantly against the gale force winds created by the MSM all the time.

Only when the liberal monolith of the MSM is defeated will a conservative agenda be enacted by Congress. And realistically, I think ending the liberal monopoly on information flow to the average voter would be a lot easier to accomplish than creating a new party in opposition to the liberal Democrats.

To end that stranglehold, conservatives need only go into campaign mode and stay there all the time. Support competitors to the MSM. Create and fund 527s to run the internet web sites, videos and radio and TV ads necessary to get out the truth. Create and use e-mail networks to get the word out. Actively support talk radio hosts. Etc., etc.

Not just during election campaigns, but all the time.

And finally, the MSM needs to be directly called out and condemned for every bit of partisan slander. Delegitimize the MSM. Run ads which point out egregious partisanship. Label it as the corrupt behavior that it is. Force journalists to accurately identify themselves as partisan OR start providing fair, balanced coverage. Stop treating partisan journalists pretending to be objective as if they are acceptable in polite company. Corruption should be denounced.

Society will not improve until we embrace the idea that lies, distortion and slander are intolerable from those who claim to be journalists.

Stan Brown

PS -- congrats on your new gig


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