Thursday, July 13, 2006

Fevered Rant

I know we should be used to all this by now, but the capacity of the left for unbelievable stupidity just has no limit. If the author of this can get a Yale doctorate, Yale must be in much worse shape than I thought.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michael Parenti is 73 years old. It seems likely that he got his Ph.D. from Yale in the early 60s since his first book, The Anti-Communist Impulse, was published in 1967.

Parenti can be fairly radical but he's also the author the generally well-respected history The Assination of Julius Caesar. See:

His other, more politically engaged work, has aged better than many of his peers. Lockdown America and Inventing Reality seemed a little hyperbolic ten years ago but dead on now.

Oh, wait, you think his article on the elections is unbelievably stupid. I failed to notice anything rant-like about it and the basic facts in it are reasonably well documented. It seems like an fairly accurate overview of the authors he mentions in the first paragraph. Was there some fact that didn't sit well with you? Some dot that should have been connected?

9:40 PM, July 15, 2006  

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