Friday, July 07, 2006

Liberal = stupid

A Georgia Judge rules in favor of Democrats who claim that a picture ID to vote is unconstitutional because it is too burdensome for poor people. I believe that Michael Barone noted recently that Mexico requires a photo ID to vote.

Too bad that Georgia's residents can't handle the details of a free photo ID as well as the poorest citizens in Mexico.

Note- here is what Barone said:
In 1990, the government set up an independent election monitoring agency, IFE, which seems to be well above partisan politics and to be competently run. For 1994 and 2000, the government put into effect systems designed to produce clean elections. Every voter has a high-tech voter ID card, with picture, fingerprint, and hologram, and is required to show it at the polls. (In contrast, some Democrats in the United States make the preposterous claim that it is a violation of civil rights to require a voter to show a picture ID to vote.) Then a fingerprint is taken, and the finger is stained with indelible ink (you can see it on the fingers of the news media people on television on election night). Only very limited absentee voting is allowed, for the first-time year; IFE workers examine each absentee ballot with ultraviolet light and scan bar codes to verify their authenticity. Mexican elections today seem to have much less vote fraud than elections in the United States.

Vote fraud is a critical element of Democrats' election strategy.


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