Thursday, July 27, 2006

Lamont - only 5 grand to charity (of 2.8 mil)

Left-wing darling, Ned Lamont contibuted only $5385 to charity from his more than $2.8 million income last year. Can't you tell how much he cares? You can just feel it.

This ranks up there with Bill Clinton's write-offs for used underwear and Algore's incredibly miserly ways.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, come on, read a little more closely. The Lamonts give $100k to $200k yearly to various charities through the Lamont Family Fund.

I know it's hard to believe but not everything you read on other conservative blogs is true.

1:28 AM, August 02, 2006  
Blogger Stan said...

I don't really care that he set up a fund in the past to give away a small part of some of the phenomenal wealth he inherited. If he had given some of his income last year to his own charitable fund, it would have shown up on his tax return.

Unless someone has facts to the contrary, we know that an already fabulously wealthy man earned 2.8 million last year and gave 5 grand of it to charity.

The facts speak for themselves.

1:31 PM, August 11, 2006  

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