Monday, July 17, 2006

Never forget

The leading organizer of anti-war demonstrations, at which many Democratic politicians spoke, shared the stage and joined in solidarity with the extreme radical speakers, is ANSWER. This group consists of avowed communists who look to Josef Stalin for an example of the kind of government they would like to bring to the USA. Via RCP, this column summarizes the results of Lenin-Stalinism for the Russian people.

Just a reminder of what kind of people the Democrats turned to for leadership in opposing President Bush's foreign policy.

Elections matter.

[note- I am not tarring all Dems because of some of the people who support them. It is inappropriate to blame politicians for the ideas of every person or group who supports them. It is, however, totally appropriate to hold politicans responsible for the decisions they make in who they choose to follow, to embrace, to praise and to join.]


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