Thursday, August 31, 2006

Dems don't get it while pointing out that Dems don't get it

RCP had this piece from The Democratic Strategist which does a good job of pointing out all the ways that Democrats fail to understand middle class voters. They don't properly identify what income level is middle class. They don't understand how strong America is or how well the average American has done economically. They don't understand how optimistic we are and they don't have any ideas which appeal to middle class voters.

All good points. Of course, they wouldn't be Democrats unless they went seriously off the rails somewhere in their analysis:
It is true that our national prosperity is threatened by the Bush policies of high debt, tax giveaways to the most affluent, a theocratic faith that corporate America will solve our health care and energy crises, and the growing income inequality found in our country. Yet even with six years of wrong choices behind us, the bursting of the tech bubble, the attacks of 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, and sky-high oil prices - America's vital economic signs are fundamentally robust.

Uh huh. "Theocratic faith" sounds like solid economic analysis. Tax "giveaways"?!

I'm sure the middle class voter can't wait to jump on any Dem bandwagon promising to punish the "theocratic faithful".


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