Wednesday, August 02, 2006

MSM lies for the enemy

Communications professor, Cori Dauber, posted about these pictures smuggled out of Lebanon and published by an Australian newspaper. They show conclusively that the terrorists are dressed as civilians and operate anti-aircraft guns from residential areas.

Cori notes that the MSM doesn't seem interested in running the pictures.

No matter how many times we say it, there is value in repeating this simple truth -- the news outlets of the MSM are knowingly engaged in lies and propaganda when they refuse to publish information which does not support their favored side. For journalists, this is as corrupt as it gets. Even if a news organization published information that it knew was false in exchange for cash payments, it would be no more corrupt than this.

If an organization professes to engage in fair and balanced journalism, it matters not one bit why it knowingly publishes lies (or knowingly refuses to publish the truth). Whatever the reason is, whether for cash or ideology, knowingly engaging in publishing false depictions or propaganda is corrupt -- absolutely and thoroughly corrupt.

Does that make most everyone in the MSM corrupt? Yes.

They lie for a living. Why anyone would treat any of these people with respect or dignity is beyond me. People who belonged to polite society once refused to socialize with those who lacked integrity. We would be a better society today, if we made a lack of integrity a scarlet letter once again.


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