Monday, July 31, 2006

Chinese reporter channels US liberals

Hugh Hewitt has this from an Israeli blogger:
This morning a couple of Chinese reporters interviewed me for a pre-recorded radio show at my local cafe. Our waiter, Ido, is a gentle, perpetually smiling, slightly clumsy guy in his mid-twenties who wears his wild, curly hair pulled away from his face with a headband and shuffles around in sagging jeans and Birkenstocks. At one point he told me that he'd just received an emergency call-up notice for army reserve duty; when I translated this into English for the Chinese reporters, one of them looked at Ido with an amazed, "does not compute" look and said to me, "But he looks so normal! He's going to put on a uniform and...kill?"

What it must be like to live one's life without every having a clue!


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