Thursday, September 21, 2006

Complications in Memphis

I didn't know that Harold Ford, Jr.'s brother is mounting an independent campaign for his Congressional seat since a white liberal won the Dem primary. I'm sure all the extra attention to his family and the long history of corruption is just what Harold needs. Interesting report here.

What is really interesting is that liberals are all set to blame a Ford defeat on racism. Those bigots in Tennessee just couldn't vote for a black will be a constant refrain. Ford has been the most liberal of Tennessee's congressmen and he has no credentials other than his family, with its corruption well-known. In a state which voted against Gore for president, why would rejection of a liberal Democrat be racist?

But now we have the delicious irony unfolding in Memphis. If Cohen is beaten by Ford's brother, it will clearly be a case of blacks rejecting a liberal Democrat solely because he is white.


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