Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Defending Dishonest History

Lenin, Stalin and their followers preached that good was defined as anything that furthers the revolution. Truth was irrelevant. Lies and propaganda were moral. After the left came to dominate our college campuses, relativism came to dominate most of the social sciences, particularly history. Today, history is routinely subverted in order to advance current political goals of the left.

Betsy points out Howard Zinn's interview with Dennis Prager and his view that the USA has been a force for ill in the world. Betsy reminds us that Zinn's history text is widely used in schools around the country. She also provides us with a reference to Zinn's frank admission that honest history is undesireable.
“Objectivity is impossible,” pop historian Howard Zinn once remarked, “and it is also undesirable. That is, if it were possible it would be undesirable, because if you have any kind of a social aim, if you think history should serve society in some way; should serve the progress of the human race; should serve justice in some way, then it requires that you make your selection on the basis of what you think will advance causes of humanity.”


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