Saturday, September 16, 2006

Brady Quinn is now barred from winning the Heisman

Notre Dame is getting clobbered at home in a big game with Michigan. Quinn has terrible numbers. Halfway thru the 4th he has 3 picks and averages less than 5 yards per attempt.

Using the same standard which was applied to Peyton Manning, it is now absolutely impossible for him to win the Heisman. Even if the Irish win every other game on their schedule and he puts up the best numbers in college football history, he's toast under the Manning standard.

In 1997, Bob Griese and others described Manning as the best QB to come out of college in 15 years (meaning since Elway and Marino). He won more games as a starting QB than any player in college history. His statistical numbers were incredible.

Brady Quinn is not the best college QB in the last 15 years. His stats are not awesome. And he just lost his big game in a blowout.

Therefore, based on the standard applied to Peyton, he cannot win. [It should also be noted in a matter of delicious irony, that the Eastern and Midwest writers who searched so desperately for a reason to reject Manning are the same ones most likely to favor a Quinn candidacy. If they don't immediately write him off today, we can conclude how honest they are (not).


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