Friday, September 15, 2006

What's nastier than beheading with a dull blade after hours of torture?

Colin Powell and other gutless wonders in the Beltway crowd are saying that our enemies will likely treat our captured soldiers worse than they already do if we don't grant to terrorists protections which the Geneva Convention denies them. I agree wholeheartedly with The Captain's assessment:
In this war, this argument seems particularly despicable. We have been treated to images of broken and tortured bodies of our soldiers on television and the Internet, courtesy of the animals who oppose us in this war. No one suffers under the delusion that captured soldiers will ever return alive, let alone receive Geneva-approved treatment. Our enemy doesn't even fight according to the GC, so why should they treat our soldiers any better than they treat the civilians they target for their attacks?

If Powell and Levin and McCain can name one modern conflict where our enemies gave POWs treatment in accordance with the GC, I'd be glad to post it right here on my blog. Don't expect that kind of an update any time soon.


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