Friday, September 15, 2006

How Powell, CIA and Justice created Plame game to gut War effort

AJ has a post of a comment which must be read. The commenter's ability to know of what he speaks is attested to by Clarice Feldman, DC attorney and author at American Thinker.

Read it now. Some quotes:
political operatives at CIA and the New York Times, with a little help from a friend who had been an ambassador (and maybe another friend at State), staged a disinformation operation that they hoped just might bring down a president.
Read the details. And he wraps up:
What am I suggesting? Simply this: I suspect that there was a conscious decision within the Department of Justice (but with the willing collusion of officials at State and the CIA) to use Plamegate as a tactic to neutralize the Administration’s GWOT policy, at least as that involved the legal interpretation of sensitive issues. What other explanation could possibly make sense of the known facts? This neutralization would be accomplished not through argumentation but by knowingly abusing the criminal justice system to tie key members of the Administration in knots, using Fitzgerald, the FBI and, above all, Fitzgerald’s grand jury. Plamegate was a political-ops put up job from start to finish–at least once the CIA/State/Justice cabal got their hands on it. But because it used the FBI and a Federal GJ to hound persons who the cabal knew had committed no crime or misconduct whatsoever, it was also a gross and knowing abuse of the criminal justice system, and that’s an important matter that deserves far wider publicity than it has yet received.

If this is even remotely accurate, Fitzgerald should be disbarred and sent to prison. For a long time.


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Do you have additional information on Fitzgerald's background?

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