Friday, September 29, 2006

"N-word" vs. "F---ing Jew B------"

The MSM is all atwitter over whether Senator Allen used the n-word many years ago. Standards have apparently changed. A few years ago, a number of witnesses confirmed that Hillary Clinton had used the expression "f---ing jew b------" in a screaming tirade against a campaign consultant. Ann Coulter discussed it in a column and made an interesting observation:
it's not as if Tipper Gore stands accused. This is Hillary. Hillary of the lamp-throwing temper and f-word profanity. (Neither Hillary nor her husband questioned that she had used the phrase "f-ing bastard," only that she would have identified the ethnicity of the f-ing bastard. Even when she's throwing lamps and cursing like a sailor, she's ethnically sensitive.)

Too bad she's never been ethically sensitive.


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