Thursday, November 30, 2006

How stupid are they at the NY Times?

Beldar fills us in on the latest failure to think coming from the Times. In short, the Times tipped off terrorists that the Feds were coming on a raid. The government wants to find out who leaked and whether a crime was committed. The Times won't let their reporters cooperate by testifying about the source of the leak. So the government has to get the phone records. The Times is upset that the government might get access to the phone records because other sources might be identified. Government says no problem, the Judge can go throught the calls with the cooperation of the Times' employees to identify the relevant calls.

So the Times is upset that this process is too burdensome. Thankfully, the Court said tough -- you made this process necessary by refusing to cooperate. You can cooperate by testifying or you can cooperate by going through all the records, but you can't seek refuge behind the burden that you, yourself, created. (This is a version of the child who murdered his parents seeking mercy from the court on grounds he's an orphan.)


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