Thursday, April 12, 2007

Because lying and slander are standard practice

Glenn noted this about liberals trying to claim that Imus is now a conservative. This isn't really that big a deal -- precisely because it is so very typical. Try to remember a Democratic political campaign that wasn't based on slander and lies. Can't do it, can you. Doesn't happen.

In big things and small, the essence of the liberal/left in America is the lie. It is their foundation. David Horowitz talks about this in one of his books. Socialism is based on a lie. It is fundamentally at odds with human nature. Liberalism is a lie about the lie -- that somehow government can control every aspect of our lives without impinging on our freedom.

Horowitz's point (which I am oversimplifying) is that lying becomes fundamental tactically because the entire political philosophy is dishonest at its core.


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