Friday, February 04, 2005

Horowitz and Voegeli on the Liberal mind

The guys at Powerline pointed out an article by William Voegeli, a Claremont Institute research fellow, entitled "The Endless Party." It appeared yesterday (Feb. 3) at He has a number of disturbing quotes from liberals throughout this century on their goals and aspirations (essentially unlimited government to help us achieve a more perfect state of humanity).

I was struck by the way this article reinforces the argument that David Horowitz has been making for years. Horowitz (the man behind was a red diaper baby and was at the forefront of many left-wing causes in Berkely in the 60s. He argues in much of his writing that there is almost no essential difference between communists and liberals. Once society starts down the "liberal" agenda of a welfare state, the end ultimately is the same.

I am curious what Horowitz would say about the Voegeli piece.


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