Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Cingular needs some William Millers

I bought a new cell phone at a Cingular dealer this spring. The display on the front has clouded up so that I can't see what number is calling. So I took it back to the dealer because it is under warranty. Sorry, they can't just swap it out with one they have in inventory. Maybe the Cingular office can help.

Nope, Cingular requires that I call or go online. They will send me a phone and I can ship mine back to them. Wouldn't it be a lot easier for me to just get a new phone from inventory and let Cingular worry about shipping the pnones back and forth? Apparently not.

So I took the card with the 800 number and called. After an interminable wait on hold, I had to hang up. Next time I tried I was informed that my call wasn't during proper hours. Then I went online.

After I had to put my password in for the 5th time, I was starting to get a little irritated. I never did find a place on their site to intitiate a swap. I found the page that told me I could call the 800 number or click "here" to do it online. Except clicking "here" always took me somewhere else.

Finally, I sent an e-mail. And of course, they don't just let you send the e-mail. You first have to play 20 questions about what kind of e-mail you want to send. They e-mailed me back the next day. They were sorry for the problems on the web site, but I could just call the 800 number if I'd rather do it that way.

If anyone at Cingular should ever read this, what I'd rather do is take my phone to your store and swap it for one of the same model you have for sale. Real damn simple. And then you can fool around with shipping the phones. If you insist on your present system, get someone to answer the phone or get someone to design a web site that works.

Somehow, I have a feeling that if I had bought the phone from William Miller, he'd already have the situation taken care of. After all, he gives better service for free than Cingular does for a customer who pays them more than 1500 bucks a year.



Blogger Bachbone said...

Having suffered through two years of abominable service by VeriZon, I can tell you that all wireless companies have terrible customer service records. Just Google any wireless ratings site. I'm now on a prepaid card plan with TracFone, but use my cell phone only for emergencies and rare calls while on the road. The first company to provide good customer service will make a fortune quickly.

12:34 AM, May 18, 2005  

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