Friday, May 27, 2005

Lipscomb exposes the MSM

Thomas Lipscomb takes the MSM to task for stonewalling the Foley comments on our troops targeting journalists in Iraq. He sums up the degradation of media credibillity thusly:
If the most basic tenets of Journalism 101 are now no longer important enough for the media itself to honor and defend against their own members who violate them, where is the professionalism and the authority that is our main claim to writing the indispensable “first draft of history” – much less its value for sale? And if we lose sight of that irretrievably, who needs us? There are bloggers out there today with more credibility than Dan Rather, Mary Mapes, Eason Jordan, and Linda Foley combined, and their audiences are growing.

If Foley is allowed to walk unchallenged from what Mencken might have called “a clear, simple, and” unproven statement, it will only accelerate the speed at which her members lose what is left of their credibility--and then their jobs.

The Steve Loveladys of the world must love reading that -- bloggers with more credibility than CBS, CNN and the president of the Guild combined. But hey -- the truth hurts.


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