Thursday, December 29, 2005

10 worst Americans -- a rough draft

The Captain and the Big Lizard have posted their responses to this challenge to list the 10 worst Americans.

In thinking of names, I found that I was not interested in naming people such as Al Capone who were clearly evil. I found myself thinking of those who, regardless of whether motivated by good intentions, caused the most harm to the most people.

The names that I am considering at present include (in no particular order):

- Justice Blackmun - for Roe v. Wade

- FDR - we would have eventually prevailed in WWII no matter who was president. But his policies extended and exacerbated the misery of the Great Depression for years and years. His social programs created the impetus for the welfare trap which ensared so many and degraded their lives. His power grab in massively expanding government continues to harm all of us to this day.

- Arthur Sulzberger -- CEO (his family owns the largest stake) of the NY Times. The corruption of the news infects the entire MSM.

- John Wilkes Booth -- reconstruction was far more destructive to the nation than it would have been had Lincoln lived.

- LBJ -- his mismanagment of Vietnam killed tens of thousands, polarized the country in ways that still divide us, and harmed our foreign policy to this day. His war on poverty degraded and impoverished the lives of millions. His corruption helped steal a presidential election.

- Ted Kennedy -- degrading America's ability to bring freedom to the world for four decades. How many people around the world have died, suffered torture, poverty and repression because the US was hamstrung in its ability to stand up to the totalitarian menace of communism, et al?

- Rachel Carson -- the lies in her book led to the banning of DDT and have resulted in the deaths of millions and millions of poor people around the world every year.

Other possibilities -- anyone in particular in Hollywood who was particularly responsible for glorifying drug use? Timothy Leary perhaps? Anyone in particular who was to blame for the idea that a perfect soul mate is out there for each of us? This has led to divorces and the destruction of the homelives of millions of children.

Other suggestions welcome.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hugh Hefner: His narcissistic brutal self absorption, Viagra addled sunset years and obsession with the perfect female body has had a direct effect on the escalating divorce rate, dissrespect for women aka feminism, ongoing fragmenatation of the family and obsessive persuit of self indulgence over the past 40 yrs.

11:28 AM, December 29, 2005  
Blogger Headless Blogger said...

Try to imagine creating the ten worst list from the perspective of the Left.

Who would be their #1? President Reagan?

What names would be on each list? Hoover, McCarthy, Booth, Nixon?

12:27 PM, December 29, 2005  

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