Friday, December 09, 2005

Crumbling Credibility

The process by which the establishment news media is losing credibility is slow, but relentless. It happens every day. As we watch the long slow train wreck, however, there are moments when the extent of the ongoing damage seems to be particularly noteworthy.

The US economy recently set a record for consecutive quarters with growth exceeding 3%. Yet, a recent poll showed that 43% of the people think we are in a rescession! Could anything be a greater indictment of the news media? This would be conclusive proof of the incompetence of the news media, if we didn't know that it was due to efforts to provide partisan propaganda.

More and more, lately, we read pundits who ordinarily strive to avoid making partisan charges refer to the news media as propagandists. Even Michael Barone has become more comfortable pointing out the partisanship of political journalists. Dr. Sanity's post on Norman Podhoretz coming article is a good starting point on how bad things have gotten.

Yesterday, Glenn had a post on the good news in Afghanistan. Here's how he wrapped it up:
As I've said before, if you read the news coverage and it leaves you dispirited, demoralized, and depressed, that's not an accident. That's the goal.

Yes, he has said it before. What struck me was that the news media has gotten so bad, so often, that we read this kind of damning evaluation and we don't even notice anymore. A respected law professor impugns not only the competence, but the honesty and integrity of the news media, and we don't even find it noteworthy.

Because we know that it is true.


Anonymous meander1 said...

I suspect it's fruitless but every now and then, I rouse myself to communicate with either of the two newspapers I recieve to point out an AP spin that just makes me shake my head and mutter "there they go again" The most recent example being the Bill Clinton speech on the Kyoto Protocol. The AP reporter stated as unchallenged fact that Clinton was "passionate" about the value of the Kyoto thing. Well, my point was...if he was so passionate, why didn't he fight for it back when he was president and walk the walk instead of the typical Clinton thing of just talking but never laying it on the line. It is almost impossible for me to read anything from the AP without having an interior dialogue of disgust with their pathetically obvious bias.

4:32 PM, December 11, 2005  

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