Wednesday, December 21, 2005

NY Times -- synonym for dumbass

For a good start on understanding the legality of the administration's actions, go to Power line and read all the different posts. That the program is legal (and considered legal by the very Democrats carping now) seems beyond any real question.

The most interesting question in all this is how incompetent the NY Times comes off. Remember that they had this story for over a year. That gave them an extraordinary amount of time to get a solid legal analysis. Obviously, they didn't. The Times has gone off making rash accusations of wrongdoing which it cannot back up. What a bunch of fools!

Worse, they have been a party to treasonous or near-treasonous behavior. They have provided tremendous help to the enemy with the disclosure. And all because they failed to get any legal research.

The NY Times is increasingly becoming a synonym for "dumbass".


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