Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Failure is Not an Option

I was watching the documentary about NASA's mission control on the History Channel. This was TV at its best. The Apollo 8 mission was the first time we left earth's orbit and went around the moon. It was Christmas Eve 1968. When Apollo 8 went behind the moon, they needed a perfect burn from the engine or the spacecraft would either skip off into space forever or crash into the moon. Because the burn took place behind the moon, everyone had to wait for the space craft to emerge before knowing if it worked properly.

As TV viewers, we can readily feel the emotion they felt in mission control when they emerge from behind the moon. And as the craft beams back the most incredible pictures of Earth coming over the horizon (an Earthrise?), the astronauts surprise everyone by beginning to read the account of the creation of earth from Genesis.


I have to say, it really got to me.

And of course, I realized that if our astronauts did something like that today, the MSM and the liberal Dems would have a cow. How sad.


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