Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Bush Lied Lie

Jack Cashill wrote this piece back in October, but it should be reviewed now and then to remind us of just how vicious the lies from the Left are. A couple of notes:
in the year 2000, before September 11 would color all retrospection and well before the publishing world insisted on slander to feed the voracious anger of America's left, Butler wrote a book called The Greatest Threat. I then asked the caller if he knew what the "greatest threat" was. He did not choose to answer. The subtitle of Butler's book answers for him, Iraq, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and the Growing Crisis of Global Security.

As I explained to the caller, the Australian arms-control expert Butler knew more about Saddam's WMD program than any outsider and that as a leftist and as an internationalist he had little reason to stack the deck in Bush's favor.

After being booted from Iraq in late 1998, Butler considered Iraq's ongoing plea of innocence "the blackest lie." He does not mince words. "It would be foolish in the extreme," he writes of Saddam, "not to assume that he is developing long-range missile capabilities, at work again on building nuclear weapons, and adding to the chemical and biological warfare weapons he concealed during the UNSCOM inspection period."

In that same innocent year of 2000, Hamza wrote a book called Saddam's Bombmaker. When first published, it was subtitled The Terrifying Inside Story of the Iraqi Nuclear and Biological Weapons Agenda.
For more than twenty years, the MIT-educated Hamza worked on Saddam's program to build a nuclear bomb, eventually heading up that effort. If Butler had the keenest perspective of any outsider, Hamza had the keenest of any insider. The story they tell is the same.


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