Monday, June 05, 2006

John Kerry -- liar and deluded fraud

There is much to chew on about John Kerry and the renewal of his quest. One small detail that I had not heard before which I found very interesting is in this post at Just One Minute. Tom points out:
the news that we were violating the Cambodian border made headlines when it broke in 1973. So why was Kerry so shy in his 1971 Senate appearance? If he had been to Camodia, why not break that news to the Senate, along with the Ghengis Khan allegations and what-not? What, was he afraid it might turn them against the war?

In John Kerry's testimony in 1971, he throws out every attack on the government and the military he can dream up. If he really had a personal experience in the war that demonstrated illegal conduct of the war, he would have highlighted it and made it the centerpiece of his testimony. It would have made his appearance an even bigger bombshell. Yet he never mentioned Cambodia.

Because he didn't really go there.

(And of course, he didn't really listen to Nixon claim we weren't there at Christmas in 1968, because Nixon wasn't president then and no one asked anyone about Cambodia until 1973.)


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