Friday, June 16, 2006

Dems want enemy to win

Jonah lays out the case against the Democrats. The terrorists want to chase the US out of Iraq. So do the Democrats.

Not only do they want the same result, but they react the same way to the news each day. When Americans suffer a setback, both Dems and Al Quaeda celebrate. When Americans have a good day, both are depressed.

And YES, I am questioning their patriotism. Actually, it is no longer a question. I have concluded that the answer is clear. They are not patriots. Period.

I want to add this from texasrainmaker:
Isn’t it ironic that good news for America coincides with bad news for Democrats? Isn’t it also ironic that it’s almost impossible to distinguish between Democrats’ and terrorists’ view of who’s winning the war on terror? It’s not a coincidence.


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