Thursday, June 15, 2006

A little different take

I think the Anchoress is great. I love her stuff. I have a little different take on Ann Coulter, however.

She says that Ann's cheap shots may be the type that liberals get away with all the time, but we should never engage them. She writes:
She’s doing here precisely she herself says the left does, and no, it’s not clever, it’s not funny. It’s not better because it comes from the right. It’s not “justified” because “they started it.”

It’s weak. It’s lame. It’s spiteful and immature. It is what the left does with impunity, but that doesn’t make it right. And once again it undercuts and discredits the very sound and excellent points Coulter makes at the end of her piece, where she puts out very “uncivil” quotes made by members of the MSM who are now castigating her for incivility.

I don’t know…maybe I really am all wrong, but to me the way to battle incivility is not to embrace it to yourself and then crow about how you are doing so. You’ve got something critical to say, then say it and hell yes a little snark is a good thing…but snark demands a bit of wit.

Some times you have to hold a mirror up to them. Yes, it would be a bad thing if all conservatives did it. But having a few on the right give the left a dose of their own medicine can be useful.

In hockey, basketball and baseball, it helps to have an enforcer on your side to keep the other side honest. The idea -- we don't cheap shot folks. But we also want you to realize that we will respond when your behavior is out of bounds. Keeps the game cleaner.


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