Thursday, August 31, 2006

Classy Bush vs. Arrogant Clinton

The Anchoress points out the difference between W, a serious believer, and Clinton, as unserious about his faith as anyone in public life, in the way they honor Catholic doctrine on taking communion at mass as a non-Catholic.

I really want to point out the little nugget near the end of her post. It seems that the Clintons wiretapped the phone of Cardinal O'Conner. The pre-text was to determine if he was part of a conspiracy to commit violent acts against abortion providers.

Q: Where are the NY Times and the ACLU when real civil liberties get trampled?

A: Cheering and celebrating.

(see e.g. Waco -- tank assault by military kills dozens of innocent children; Elian -- Clinton DoJ shreds civil liberties so egregiously that even left-wing law profs Tribe and Dershowitz are appalled.)


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