Thursday, September 21, 2006

Our pitiful press

The Anchoress makes a point that needs to be emphasized about the abominable performance of the news media in the plame debacle:
the press really, really simply wants to walk away from this story. They want to walk away from the reality that they carried lying Joe Wilson on their shoulders and gave him credibility he did not deserve. They want to walk away from the fact that through all of this not one of them has asked Valerie Plame a single probing question - not about her status at the CIA, not about the forged documents that seemed to have passed through her jurisdiction - not about how she got her Joey sent to Niger to begin with, not about nuthin’. Valerie walks away and doesn’t get asked a thing.

Not one of them have asked Valerie a single question.

Think about that for a moment. Pitiful. Incompetent. Ridiculous. Of course, they are biased. Of course, they are mere propaganda puppets for liberal Democrats. Being biased doesn't excuse the need for simple competence.

How can you even pretend to cover a story and not report any of the details relating to Joe's lies and Valerie's role? People who are biased are going to spin. People who are incompetent are going to fail to do the bare minimum work expected of their jobs.

It isn't just the bias. It's the gross incompetence.


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