Friday, October 06, 2006

"Can't anybody here play this game"

Older sports fans who read this may recognize that the title is a famous quote from Casey Stengel about his 1962 expansion NY Mets (they were on their way to a record for losses in a season). Watching everyone in DC (from politicians on both sides to the MSM and a host of bloggers) lose their minds in the fallout from the Foley IMs, one is tempted to repeat Casey's lament. A J has a good post on the three ring circus and the pathetic performances of the those in the rings.

What I find most interesting in all this is how the reactions of the Democrats and the MSM prove once again that they really, really do not understand conservatives. I don't find that surprising. I am surprised, however, with the Chicken Littles on the right who seem so fearful that the Dems and MSM might actually be right for once in their disdainful assessment of conservative voters.

More on this later.


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