Thursday, October 05, 2006

If only terrorists were gay, Dems would support spying

Ann Coulter absolutely nails it:
the same Democrats who are incensed that Bush's National Security Agency was listening in on al-Qaida phone calls are incensed that Republicans were not reading a gay congressman's instant messages.
The Democrats say the Republicans should have done all the things Democrats won't let us do to al Qaeda -- solely because Foley was rumored to be gay. Maybe we could get Democrats to support the NSA wiretapping program if we tell them the terrorists are gay.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, come on, Stan, you really believe this stuff?

Okay, name one Dem who doesn't believe that we should tap Al-Qaeda phone calls. Ummmm, I'm waiting....

Now, name one Dem who asked for taps on Foley...

Now, name one thing that the Dems have stopped the administration from doing to Al-Qaeda?

And, wait, is there a Dem who criticized Foley for being gay?

No, the Dems (some of them) have been pounding on Bush for, among other things, listening in on non-terrorist phone calls and for running the whole program off the books and outside the law. And, of course, the Dems are critical of Foley for sexually harrassing (and/or abusing) Congressional pages and critical of the House Rep. leadership for not taking responsibility for Foley and then covering up their actions.

But you knew all that, right? What you're really driving at is that Republicans are always right, even if they break the law and help their peers bugger minors, right?

10:45 PM, October 07, 2006  

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