Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The hatred seeps out in the libel

Paul Campos writes a decent column about affirmative action -- until his liberal attitudes cause him to spout a little of the hatred that underlies Krauthammer's axiom. He writes:
In the end, both of us remain deeply conflicted on the issue. I suspect what bothers us most is the sheer dishonesty that marks every aspect of the matter. Consider a scale from one to five that represents the following positions: race should never be taken into account when distributing social goods; race should only be used as a tiebreaker between substantially identical candidates; race should give a black candidate (for example) a small advantage; race should give the candidate a big advantage; social goods should be handed out on the basis of racial quotas.

Many supporters of affirmative action claim to support the second position. In a candid moment, they might admit they sincerely believe they support the third position. In fact, they typically behave as if they support the fifth position.

As for affirmative action opponents, they all naturally claim to adhere to the first position, when in fact quite a few behave as if being black (for example) should be considered a negative factor when evaluating candidates.

Identifying liberal behavior in support of quotas is easy to do. We see it every day. However, who are these numerous affirmative action opponents he cites who discriminate against blacks because of their race? I don't see all this racial discrimination he claims is going on. What behavior is he referring to? Why did he write that?

Simple. It's just a little defamation tossed out at his political opponents to make sure his readers understand that his liberal friends are still morally superior, even in the midst of their dishonesty.


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