Thursday, November 02, 2006

Stupid soldiers and racist cops

After 9/11, it was suddenly no longer kosher to bash cops as evil and racist. Those of us with longer memories, however, remember how liberal newspapers and politicians once regularly stereotyped the police as a bunch of vicious racists.

Do lots of liberals today, as Bill Clinton once wrote about his own feelings, loath those who serve in the military? Of course. The reactions of liberal bloggers to the Kerry gaffe demonstrate this quite well. This is just another episode in a long sordid history --just like the embrace by liberals of Michael Moore with his open hatred of this country.

My point is that the way that liberals think of our military personnel today is no different than the way they regarded cops pre-9/11 (and probably still do but can no longer voice openly). For them, our people in uniform who show the courage to stand up for and defend the USA will always be stupid and racist, Bull Conners and baby-killers.

It's all part of the same mind-set.


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