Friday, April 13, 2007

Liberals celebrate their roles in causing death, misery and poverty

Rachel Carson's birthday is being used to celebrate the impact of environmentalism around the world. I saw a flyer at my local library inviting people to come to a celebration of her life.

What will the lefties be celebrating? Thirty million dead, billions of people living lifes of suffering and abject poverty.

All over the Western World well-meaning, but misguided, souls marked that day with choruses of praise for the woman who almost singly-handed created the modern environmental movement. Her book, Silent Spring, warned us that man-made pesticides would kill our kids with cancer and eliminate our wild birds.

Rachel Carson’s major impact on the planet has been to discourage the use of a safe, cheap pesticide called DDT to suppress disease-bearing mosquitoes. North America and Europe used DDT to eradicate malaria. After our children were safe, we told the Third World not to use it because it might harm their bird populations.

The absence of DDT has led to the needless deaths of at least 30 million people from malaria and yellow fever in the tropics. (Five times as many as Hitler killed in his concentrations death camps, albeit inadvertently). Most of them were helpless African children. In addition, malaria has been allowed to blight the lives of perhaps 1 billion chronic malaria sufferers, who are too often unable to work and further erode economic resources by requiring family nursing care. The millions of malaria cases in the tropics may, just by themselves, explain half of the poverty and human degradation on the planet today.


Anonymous rob said...

the road to hell is paved with liberal intentions. never mind that millions have died directly because of this b*tch, she had "good intentions" and she "cared about the environment". I hope she likes her stay in Hades

8:24 AM, April 18, 2007  

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