Friday, May 22, 2009

BOzo -- World Record Bull sh**ter

I just posted this as a comment at Betsy's:

BOzo is as full of it as any person I have ever seen. I know that sounds like hyperbole aimed at someone I oppose politically, but look at the last 4 months. The scope of the BS is just breathtaking. Not just in its depth, but its breadth. He bloviates unadulterated BS on everything. And the subjects he has chosen are monumental in their importance.

If there existed some way to quantify BS in terms of: 1) the importance of the subject matter discussed, 2) the power of the speaker to implement policy supported by the BS, 3) the extent to which the statements are in error, and 4) the hubris of the speaker -- BOzo would be the world record holder in a landslide.