Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bill Wade

Bill Wade was the QB of the Chicago Bears when they won the NFL championship in 1963. He was also my Sunday School teacher when I was in high school. I was saddened to read that he is now blind.

I'm also a little confused why this sportswriter would think that a former Vanderbilt star might feel any affinity for a former Tennessee Vol in the upcoming Super Bowl.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Are we finally at war with Iran

Given the way that Iran and Syria have fueled and supported attacks against Americans in Iraq, one wonders when we will go ahead and acknowledge the obvious. Will this be the tipping point?

MSM and the public's right to know

It would seem that the MSM doesn't really respect your right to know. John Fund lays out all the interesting questions about Sandy Berger that the MSM has no curiousity about. Don't you feel good knowing that Bill Keller of the NY times and all the rest of the journalists of the MSM are so concerned about defending our right to know.

MSM is all fiction, all the time

Why would any sane person believe a word they hear from MSM reporters. Clarice Feldman gives an extensive account of all that the MSM has butchered in their coverage of the Libby trial. Basically, everything.

There is no question that much of the bad reporting is due to bias. However, don't underestimate how much incompetence plays in this. These folks really are that stupid.

Myths about the War

Instapundit had this, but I wanted to emphasize it. Just about everything you hear about the war is BS.

Friday, January 26, 2007

NBC News -- just making it up

Just One Minute summarizes the quality of journalism one can expect from NBC News:
So often I find myself asking - is it true, or is that a report from David Shuster? In the brutally competitive world of television news David Shuster of NBC has hit upon a winning formula - make stuff up that appeals to his left wing audience.

He lays out an extensive case.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Rooting for defeat

Beldar is right. Nancy Pelosi is desperately rooting for military defeat. And she is willing to sacrifice as many of our troops as is necessary for her to achieve her political victory.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Corrupt journalists sellout for Democrat

Just wanted to point out this story at RCP. These "journalists" aren't about to engage in real journalism if it means that it could hurt a Democrat.

Aren't these related

Aren't these two sides of the same coin here and here? I think there is a tendency for some of us to be critical of the amoral and immoral Democrats in the national spotlight. Perhaps we should focus more on the fact that Democratic voters have values that are incredibly destructive to our country. They don't love America and they aren't patriots.

It's their voters.

A common sense too far

If the liberals who flogged the Duke "rape" farce had exercised a little common sense, it would have been obvious that the case was a farce. There are so many reasons why, but John Podhoretz points out another reason why the allegations were impossible -- the bathroom is far too small for 3 men to rape anyone inside it.

Of course, if liberals exercised any common sense they wouldn't be liberals.

A common sense too far

If the liberals who flogged the Duke "rape" farce had exercised a little common sense, it would have been obvious that the case was a farce. There are so many reasons why, but John Podhoretz points out another reason why the allegations were impossible -- the bathroom is far too small for 3 men to rape anyone inside it.

Of course, if liberals exercised any common sense they wouldn't be liberals.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Say what??!! -- more brain-dead sports media

Watching Mike and Mike in the morning on ESPN. Mike Green says that the Colts look to have an advantage in talent over the Patriots.

Huh! I don't think there is a coach or scout in the NFL who would agree. Patriots are substantially better in the defensive line, at linebacker and in the secondary. Their special teams, both coverage and return, are substantially better. The Pats are better in the offensive line, at tight end and at running back.

The Colts are better at wide receiver, although New England has better depth. And while anyone with a brain knows the Colts are substantially better at QB, every Pat fan on the planet vehemently disagrees.

And of course, while Greenie was talking about players, New England does have a substantial advantage in coaching talent as well.

So what in the world is Mike Green thinking? If anyone wanted an example of sports media people being brain dead, this one would certainly join the list.

Monday, January 15, 2007

MSM: We don't need no stinkin' facts

Mark Tapscott points out a couple of urban legends that the MSM believes despite their obvious falsity.

Just like a Democrat

What an asshole is Dem congressman Kagen. It's bad enough to act like a classless jerk, but to brag about it after having the time to think about his behavior is just too much.

Kagen reportedly told the activists he held the door to a White House men's room closed when he was alone with Rove.

"You're in the White House and think you're safe, huh?" Kagen was said to have told Rove. "You recognize me? My name's Dr. Multimillionaire and I kicked your ass."

Rove responded by offering Kagen his congratulations, according to a story published last week in The Scene, a monthly alternative publication that circulates in the Fox Valley.

Jimmy Carter -- corrupt and a liar

Wretchard points out this column by Alan Dershowitz which summarizes some of the corruption and flagrant libel of Jimmah Carter.

I want to point out that while his most recent book libels Jews, his prior book libels evangelical Christians. It appears that Carter will lie about all kinds of people in exchange for money.

Failing to meet the lowest expectations

I know that commentators on ESPN are not chosen for their intelligence. I don't expect much from them. This morning, the commentary about this weekend's NFL playoff games has been so bad, it makes me wonder if I watched something else this weekend.

When I think about these people having the right to vote, it's almost enough to make me re-think my support for democracy.

Friday, January 12, 2007

More stupid media tricks

I happened across this blurb from a couple weeks back while reading Mickey Kaus:
Another sneering op-ed arguing the Mexican border fence has an "effectiveness" problem because in San Diego, when 14 miles were built, people stopped crossing there! They went elsewhere to cross!

A little-noticed Congressional Research Service report issued Dec. 12 indicates that expanding the California wall makes little sense. After the San Diego wall went up, apprehensions in the area were reduced, the CRS reports. But "there is ample evidence that flow of illegal immigration ... shifted to more remote areas of the Arizona desert."

See? It won't work because where it's been tried it worked. Q.E.D.

Never underestimate the stupidity of those who run newspapers.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Exxon folds to political intimidation

Two liberal senators threatened Exxon Mobil with political retribution if the company continued to provide funding to any scientists whose research questioned the global warming advocacy of environmentalists. CNBC just had a story where the company has announced that it is cutting off all such funding. CNBC doesn't point out the political threats by liberal Democrats. In fact, CNBC's entire thrust is that global warming due to greenhouse gases is a well-established fact.

Monday, January 08, 2007

How liberal judges collude with liberal politicians

I know it is never surprising when liberals violate ethical responsibilities and ignore their public obligations, but this one really blew me away. Stuart Buck pointed out this really egregious case of legal collusion on the part of Michigan officials.

The voters of Michigan voted to amend the state constitution to outlaw the use of race preferences by the state government, including in university admissions. Liberal special interests sued the governor and the universities asking a Federal Judge to enjoin the enforcement of the new law. The universities, the governor and the special interests all wanted to see the law enjoined. So they signed a stipulation agreeing to the injuction. The District Court entered the injunction declaring that it was in the public interest to do so, without taking any of the evidence or requiring any of the extraordinary proof which is required to enter such an injunction.

An an extraordinarily quick fashion, the Sixth Circuit struck down the injunction.

This whole thing just stunk to high heaven. The governor has a legal obligation to defend the law of the state. She can't agree to bag the law because she doesn't like it. And the federal judge here is just a disgrace. He knew there was no way that these parties represented all sides of the debate, but he pretended that they did when he rubber-stamped the bogus stipulation.

If the NY Times told the truth ...

Don Luskin points out what the Times leaves out in a story about taxes. The Rich benefit from tax relief because the poor and middle class don't pay taxes and the poor get cash from the government. What the headline should have been:
40% of all Americans -- and 100% of the Poor -- Pay No Income Taxes, Get Money Instead, says CBO
Increased revenues from middle and upper income taxes make it possible -- Bush gets credit!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

How stupid do you have to be to be a sportswriter?

I swear, sometimes it seems as if a low IQ, no knowledge of history and no understanding of sports must be requirements to get a job as a sportswriter. Apparently, the more stupid they are, the higher up the sportswriting chain they get. Most of the local writers I've dealt with have been reasonably competent (make that about half). Most of the national writers are dumb as a rock.

Today's example is some national AP writer named Nancy Armour. Now the fact that she works for AP may well be a good tipoff that facts and intelligence were not important in the way she does her job.

Here is my e-mail to her this afternoon:

Dear Ms. Armour,

As a national sportswriter, I would hope you have no trouble with a little quiz. However, reading your story today has caused me to wonder. Question 1 -- which QB played the greatest game ever in the NFL playoffs? Answer -- Peyton Manning vs. KC during the 2003 playoffs. Question 2 -- which QB played the 2d greatest game ever played in the NFL playoffs? Answer -- Peyton Manning vs. Denver in the 2003 playoffs.

Obviously, your statement that Manning always plays poorly in the playoffs is complete crap.

Moreover, Manning played very, very well yesterday. The yardage that KC was willing to give up in the running game is a testament to that. If, as Chris Collinsworth said during the broadcast, the two interceptions by Law were the fault of Harrison going the wrong way, Manning's performance was one of the better performances you will likely see by a QB in the playoffs.

As an old football coach, I have a little advice for you. Learn about the game before you write about it. Talk to people who actually know something about playing QB. If you are bright enough and work hard, you might find that some day you will be competent enough to write about high school football games.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Environmentalism as Religion

This speech by Michael Chrichton ought to be read periodically be everyone. He reminds us of some of the real facts at odds with the environmenalist litany:
So I can tell you some facts. I know you haven't read any of what I am about to tell you in the newspaper, because newspapers literally don't report them. I can tell you that DDT is not a carcinogen and did not cause birds to die and should never have been banned. I can tell you that the people who banned it knew that it wasn't carcinogenic and banned it anyway. I can tell you that the DDT ban has caused the deaths of tens of millions of poor people, mostly children, whose deaths are directly attributable to a callous, technologically advanced western society that promoted the new cause of environmentalism by pushing a fantasy about a pesticide, and thus irrevocably harmed the third world. Banning DDT is one of the most disgraceful episodes in the twentieth century history of America. We knew better, and we did it anyway, and we let people around the world die and didn't give a damn.

I can tell you that second hand smoke is not a health hazard to anyone and never was, and the EPA has always known it. I can tell you that the evidence for global warming is far weaker than its proponents would ever admit. I can tell you the percentage the US land area that is taken by urbanization, including cities and roads, is 5%. I can tell you that the Sahara desert is shrinking, and the total ice of Antarctica is increasing. I can tell you that a blue-ribbon panel in Science magazine concluded that there is no known technology that will enable us to halt the rise of carbon dioxide in the 21st century. Not wind, not solar, not even nuclear. The panel concluded a totally new technology-like nuclear fusion-was necessary, otherwise nothing could be done and in the meantime all efforts would be a waste of time. They said that when the UN IPCC reports stated alternative technologies existed that could control greenhouse gases, the UN was wrong.

Finally, let's repeat -- environmentalism is responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of people over the last 30 years.

Not good.

Friday, January 05, 2007

One to remember

The Captain reports that CNN is running a story on an abuse of power by President Nixon. He asked the FBI to do a background check on some people who were going to testify against Justice Rehnquist at his confirmation hearing. As scandals go, this is really small time stuff. However, I think it is great that CNN wants to report the news. All government abuse should get a healthy dose of public disinfectant.

Let's remember this when CNN fails to cover Clinton scandals over the next couple of years. Nixon is dead. The story is over 3 decades old. No one involved is currently running for president or any other public office.

As for the serious abuses of power committed by the Clintons which CNN has still chosen not to report? They can't use the excuse of "old news". Nixon is old news. Hillary is running for president. Every one involved in the illegalities of the Clinton White House is still involved in politics. Their potential role in future administrations means that no scandal involving them can be considered "old news". And since they chose to report really, really old news in the case of Nixon, even "old news" should be reported.

This will be an issue next year. Remember.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Journalistic rot or viciousness?

Michael Barone had a post yesterday which is must reading. Some excerpts:

One thing I would be interested to know is what is going on in Nifong's mind. Is he a cynical and vicious man, or only a stupid and dangerous one? He had an obvious political motive for making his improper statements, conducting a viciously unfair lineup, and bringing charges where none should have been brought.

Of course, one could ask similar questions about Nifong's numerous journalistic cheerleaders, from the Durham Herald-Sun to the New York Times. When the case first became public, they were evidently captivated by the narrative virtuous-black-working-class-woman-abused-by-privileged-rich-white-athletes. But to anyone with an ounce of sense it should have been clear as the facts came out that they didn't fit this narrative. Yet, as KC Johnson shows exhaustively, journalists plowed on. I am reminded of the Hollywood TV detective story scriptwriters, at least in the 1970s when I used to watch these shows. If a businessman was getting a civic award in the first scene, you could be sure he was the murderer–even if you hadn't yet seen the murder. The underdog was always virtuous, the overdog always the villain. Too many journalists covering the Duke case couldn't get out of this "progressive" mind-set–a fine example of one of the many things rotten in the state of journalism today.

Yes, it is but "one of the many things rotten in the state of journalism today."

Special People

Just wanted to underline the awesome heroism of this man in case you didn't see this elsewhere.