Monday, February 07, 2005

Super Bowl

As I expected, the Patriots won the game because they were the better team in the trenches. Their offensive line was much better providing pass protection for Brady and running room for Dillon and Faulk than the Eagles'. Brady was barely adequate as a QB and McNabb's play was downright ugly at times.

By far, the ugliest part of the game was McNabb's shocking ineptitude at playing Two Minute Offense. Down by two scores, the Eagles needed to be in hurry up mode once the game had fewer than 10 minutes left. Had McNabb been even remotely adequate at running his offense, the Eagles could have kicked deep after their last score and still had more than three minutes available for their last drive.


Blogger Bachbone said...

Had either quarterback (Steelers or Eagles) played a better game, the Patriots would not have won. However, I will grant you that the Patriots' defense may have contributed to the poor performance of both.

6:34 PM, February 07, 2005  

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