Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Bud Selig's Mess

I was listening to Mike and Mike in the morning on ESPN Radio while driving my son to school this morning. They had Bill Curry on and the topic was Congress and steroids. Bud Selig, the commissioner of baseball has apparently threatened the baseball players union by saying that they must agree to his proposal regarding punishment for those who test positive or he will ask Congress to pass legislation.

The last thing that the commissioners of the NFL, NBA, and NHL want is for Congress to get involved. Surely Selig also understands what a potential disaster can result when Congress gets on a roll. So why would he even mention such a possibility? Bill Curry said that Selig is a smart person and must have a good reason. While I have a lot of respect for Bill Curry, I'm not so sure.

Bill needs to remember that Selig is the one who was shocked to discover that baseball games sometimes go into extra innings. Ordinarily, we might expect the commissioner of baseball to know about extra innings. But not this one. Anyone who remembers the travesty of the All-Star game which had to be suspended because there were no more pitchers available can recall Selig's comments about how he never imagined that a game might be tied at the end of nine innings.

If anyone is offering a bet on Bud Selig's IQ, I'd be inclined to take the under.


Blogger Ol' BC said...

There is possible good news on the Senate front. Maybe the Democrats will shut down the Senate when filibustering judicial nominees is given the boot. No new legislation would be a welcome change, plus give Selig time to smarten up. However, his proposal isn't that harsh.

6:20 PM, May 18, 2005  

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