Friday, June 16, 2006

Difference b/w Left and Right

David Warren gives some good examples. Noteworthy:
the most obvious contemporary way to distinguish between a "liberal" and a "conservative" is in their views on any passing spectacle of crime and punishment. The "liberal" instinctively identifies with the criminal, the "conservative" instinctively identifies with the victim. The liberal instinctively accuses the conservative of lacking compassion, or of wanting vengeance against the criminal, with whom the liberal has identified. The conservative instinctively remembers that the criminal showed no compassion to the victim with whom he identified.

The reasons for this go deeper than public policy, to the profound narcissism that has taken over the "liberal" mind. I am not suggesting the average liberal is a criminal. He hasn't the guts for that. But in the phantasia of his consciousness he is attracted almost sexually to the idea of "transgression"; to soiling the respectable. This is why, for the Left, "free speech" usually comes down to protecting pornographers; whereas for the Right, it is usually a matter of protecting the right to voice an opinion in good conscience.


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