Monday, February 07, 2005

Mr. Bush -- Please Divide Us

Liberal commentators love to blame President Bush for "dividing" the nation. But Bush wasn't the one who has spent the last two years engaged in the most vile defamation. It takes two to meet halfway, and the Democrats have made it perfectly clear that they intend to continue their vicious assaults on Bush. Happily, most Americans don't believe the crazy charges of Hitler-like Gestapo storm troopers turning the nation into a police state or Bush sending soldiers to die so his friends could make money.

I believe that the president needs to make a point of not rewarding those who have engaged in such vile behavior. For the sake of our future, he needs to insure that future politicians see that a price is paid by those who lie and slander so outrageously.

Mr. Bush should draw a clear, distinct bright line between himself and the Michael Moore, Ted Kennedy wing of the Democratic Party. And force those Democrats in red states to publicly declare to their constituents whose side of the line they occupy. He is already traveling to these states to make his case for social security reform. Now is the time for his conservative friends to use 527s to tell the voters in these states just what Michael Moore thinks of them. They need to hear just how stupid Moore thinks they are and how often Moore has told the world how much he hates them. And then they need to see how the Democrats embraced Moore and treated him as a hero for saying such things.

We need to have the differences made clear and distinct. Our nation is at a critical point.

The conservative 527s need to throw down the guantlet to the red state Democrats. Tell your voters where you stand -- with Michael Moore or George Bush? And make sure the voters are paying attention.

Forced to choose between Moore and Bush, I don't have any doubts that Bush can achieve 60% support.


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