Wednesday, May 18, 2005

MSM Will Not Change

Stephen Green at Vodkapundit makes a point that needs to be stressed. The MSM will not change.
Yes, Newsweek and Michael Isikoff screwed up.

Yes, because of their screw-up, people died.

Yes, the US position in the Middle East and Central Asia was damaged - not fatally, but perhaps permanently.

No - nothing will change in the way the MSM conducts business.

Let me repeat that, just to make myself clear: Nothing will change. No improvements will be made. For the MSM, the lesson learned is not "let's stick to the facts next time." The lesson is, "let's be more careful in how we present what we think the story is/should be."

If there's any kind of tipping point here, it will be in how the public perceives the news. There will be no change, none at all, in how the MSM perceives the news - nor in how it will choose to shape the story.

He then makes a great point -- 9/11 didn't change the way the media does business. If 9/11 didn't, this sure won't.


Blogger Bob Sprowl said...

Newsweak press credentials should be permanently revoked. Their reporters and other staff members should not be allowed to attend any press conference or any other event sponsored by a Federal agency.

Any reporter from another organization sharing information with Newsweak should also have their credentials revoked.

Any Federal employee at any level that provides information on any topic to a Newsweak reporter shall be suspended without pay for a three days, for the first offense, nine days for the second offense and fired for the third offense.

Newsweak should be held responsible for the deaths of those people and subpoenas issued seizing all files and computers at the corporate offices, reporter's homes and the homes of the corporate officers. (Let's see them get the next issue out without any computers.)

9:29 PM, May 18, 2005  

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